In 2003, Minister James A. Willis, Jr. was given a vision to assemble a group of 12 singers which is now a national recording group known as Nu Praze Chorale. This group has been all across the country ministering to people through song & the word thru singing.

In 2009 after he left the record label Gospel Warehouse Records, he regrouped and changed the name to NU Praze.


James and Nu Praze work hard at spreading Godís messages to the masses through his songs. One of Jamesí favorite verses, Psalm 146:2, reads "I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live." (NIV) In Jamesís own words, ďAs long as God keeps filling these pipes, I am going to sing.Ē We encourage you to experience ďThe powerful message in the ministry and music.

Both of these entities are vehicles to develop, produce, and distribute gospel music. Minister Willis understands that he has been blessed with multiple gifts and he uses them to edify the people of God.